Tasting of Château Guiraud 1997 – Sauternes First Growth

Château Guiraud 1997By Xavier Planty for « Carte sur Table de Duclot ».


« 1997 provided Château Guiraud with excellent freshness, with minerality offering an irresistible charm. With maturity, the wine has developed elegant aromas of saffron and candied orange peel, dried fig, pear, and elderflower. Today, the wine has disclosed all its complexity, revealing all its pairing potential.
Restaurants provide an important showcase for our wines, and sommeliers are our ambassadors. The classic freshness of Château Guiraud wines allow for incredibly varied gastronomic pairings, from the aperitif to the dessert, via the starters, the seafood plate, fish and white meat, cheeses… »


Carte sur Table
The 6th edition, from the 1st to the 31st March 2017 – 15 fine Bordeaux Wines available tasting at shop prices, in 28 prestigious restaurants in Paris and elsewhere in France.